Skoorbekim - printing innovation

Does your company have an entirely new idea? "Your next market" waiting in the wings but your sales and marketing staff is too consumed with the day-to-day business to take on the time consuming market development work behind finding out who the real customer is for your invention? If your employees are stretched thin keeping your core business alive, but you need to connect with companies selling or buying specialty print materials to advance the next big thing at your company, call Skoorbekim. We are a flexible market development resource you can fit to your situation.

It Starts with A Good Idea

Skoorbekim has worked for over 15 years in the roll-your-sleeves-up world of innovation and getting new things noticed. We have forged relationships with the innovators who can make ideas go viral within their companies. By continually choosing to climb the side of mountain sans path we learned the steps to the Dance of Chaos that surround all innovation. If you need someone to talk to (that would be consulting) or someone to go into the field hunting for you, let’s talk.


Blue Sky

Not a cloud in the sky to some people means there is nothing there. Not true. Many companies have phenomenal ideas that promise simplicity, lower costs and greater profits. These various forms of “what if” may need time, money, an introduction, market awareness and on top of it the product may not be fully ready for commercialization. But for the ones who get involved today it will offer a spot at the head of the line. Whether you seek the companies with these ideas or have something to introduce, we would like to talk with you.


Create and Explain

A blank sheet of paper is intimidating. A partially completed business or marketing document is time-consuming or worse; possibly the root behind the office-wide silence as you approach the coffee station. You know what you want but do not have the time. If you only had an assistant. Hmmmm. Priced by the hour or by the assignment.

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